Byungchul Cha
Muhlenberg College | 2400 Chew st | Allentown, PA 18104

teaching and learning math

at Muhlenberg College

Who I am and What I do

I am an associate professor in the department of mathematics and computer science, Muhlenberg College. I received Ph.D. in 2003 from Johns Hopkins University, specializing in number theory. After teaching at Hendrix College for three years, I came to Muhlenberg College in 2007.

I teach a variety of math courses at Muhlenberg, ranging from introductory-level statistics and calculus to elective math courses such as number theory.

My research interests lie in number theory and I currently study topics related to distribution of prime numbers in the context of function fields. I enjoy working on cool math problems with undergraduates.

FAQ for students

First, take a look at my regular weekly schedule posted here (note: I am on sabbatical leave in the academic year of 2014--2015.) If you can make it to my office during the regular office hours, feel free to simply show up without appointment (and be prepared to wait a few minutes if I'm helping other students at that moment.) If your schedule conflicts with the office hours, see from my weekly schedule to identify a few time slots that look good to both of us and email me with your choices. I will then respond back to you as early as possible.
The most important thing is to ask well in advance, preferably about one month before the deadline. In most cases, I will want to meet with you in person to go over all the details regarding your application process--what is the nature of the program you're applying for? is there a specific form I need to fill out? what is the deadline? where should I send the letter/email? Bring all the answers to these questions (and other details I need to know) to the meeting. This will help me write a strong letter for you, thus increase the odds of your success. Once I agree to write a letter on your behalf, email me with reminders with increasing frequency as the deadline gets nearer.
If the course XXX is a 100-level course, for example, Calculus I (MTH121) or Statistical Analysis (MTH119), then you need to be put on a waiting list. Stop by the math department (Trumbower 110) and ask Traci Hilbert to add your name to the list. Note that the waiting list does not open until all the sections of the course are filled up. This means that you should first try to register any open section of the same course by rearranging your schedule, if necessary. If the course XXX is a 200-level or higher, send an email to me and request an override.
First of all, I am so excited that you want to do math research! Come and talk to me in person and we'll go from there. See the item above to find out how to request an appointment.
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