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I am an associate professor in the department of mathematics and computer science, Muhlenberg College. I received Ph.D. in 2003 from Johns Hopkins University, specializing in number theory. After teaching at Hendrix College for three years, I came to Muhlenberg College in 2007.

I teach a variety of math courses at Muhlenberg, ranging from introductory-level statistics and calculus to elective math courses such as number theory.

My research interests lie in number theory and I currently study topics related to distribution of prime numbers in the context of function fields. I enjoy working on cool math problems with undergraduates.

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CURM (2015-2016) new

This page, which is still under construction, features some fictional characters.

Jointly with Dr. Will Gryc, I am awarded a minigrant from the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, or, CURM for the academic year of 2015-2016. This grant will support two undergraduate research teams at Muhlenberg, one of which will be supervised by myself. My team consists of two bright and talented Muhlenberg students, Emily Nguyen ('16) and Brandon Tauber ('16).

Jane Doe is from Bozeman, Montana. She enjoys running long distance marathon and rock climbing. She also hunts grizzly bears and moose during her free time. Her favorite math class at Muhlenberg was K-theory and Polylogarithm, taught by a Field medalist Terry Tao in 2039. Her CURM project will focus on proving the randomness of Mobius function on entropy zero dynamical systems, especially the ones arising from distal flows.

John Doe, who came to Muhlenberg from Juno, Alaska, is a voracious reader and he memorizes the entire work of Shakespeare, word for word, as well as the entire volume of Euclid's Elements. He volunteers for Allentown Crime Prevention Services and, as a local superhero, he frequently saves victims at crime scenes. John's CURM project is also concerned with the randomness of Mobius function, but he will investigate Kronecker flows which possess positive entropy.


All of my papers can be downloaded or are linked below. Or, you can look up my CV for more information.


  1. (with D. Fiorilli and F. Jouve) Prime number races for elliptic curves over function fields, (2015) available at arXiv:1502.05295v2 [math.NT].
  2. (with D. Fiorilli and F. Jouve) Independence of the zeros of elliptic curve L-functions over function fields, (2015) available at arXiv:1502.05294 [math.NT].
  3. Determination of quadratic Gauss sum in function fields, (2014) submitted.
  4. (with S. Bae and H. Jung) Moebius function in short intervals for function fields, Finite Fields and Their Applications 34 (2015) 235--249.
  5. The summatory function of the Moebius function in function fields, (2011) available at http://arxiv.org/abs/1008.4711v2.
  6. (with B.-H. Im) Chebyshev's Bias in Galois Extensions of Global Function Fields, Journal of Number Theory 131 (2011) 1875--1886.
  7. (with S. Kim) Biases in the prime number race of function fields , Journal of Number Theory 130 (2010) 1048--1055.
  8. Chebyshev's Bias in Function Fields, Compositio Mathematica 144 (2008) 1351--1374.
  9. Special Units and Ideal Class Groups of Extensions of Imaginary Quadratic Fields, Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 143 (2007) 265--270.
  10. (pedagogy article) Transcendental Functions, Initial Value Problems and a Different Approach to Calculus II, College Math Journal, September (2007) 288--296.
  11. Vanishing of Some Cohomology Groups and Bounds for the Order of Shafarevich-Tate Groups of Elliptic Curves, Journal of Number Theory, 111 (2005) 154--178.

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